+ Manual therapy

Many people struggle with chronic ailments accompanied by pain that makes daily functioning difficult. Manual therapy is a system of activities aimed at significantly reducing or completely eliminating this problem. Diagnostics, which helps to find the cause of the pain, is a very important stage in the treatment. Establishing an individual therapy plan allows you to effectively fight pain and achieve satisfactory results.

+ What exactly is pain?


Pain can be defined as the body’s reaction to a stimulus the effect of which is perceived as discomfort, i.e. an unpleasant feeling. Pain is associated with something unpleasant and abnormal, but it is also a defense system – it gives information about the temperature that can damage our body, or too much pressure on the tissues. We can divide the pain into acute pain, i.e. the pain that occurs under the influence of a strong, sudden stimulus. It is the body’s defensive reaction. There is also chronic pain that causes the excitability of the body’s cells to change, to create new nerve connections and to deal with the phenomenon of the so-called pain memory. There is a saying that you get used to the pain. Nothing could be more wrong! Pain receptors perceive stimuli in the same way all the time, only the discomfort itself may become weaker or stronger.

+ Manual therapy against pain


Our tissues are exposed to mechanical damage. Many ailments give symptoms of pain in different areas of the body. Manual therapy allows you to find the appropriate points of excessive excitability and by treating them, it allows you to significantly reduce the pain reactions of the body. Thanks to a detailed interview and diagnostic examination, it is possible to adjust the treatment to each patient in order to obtain the best possible results of the therapy.

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