We are constantly extending the range of our services and striving for development. Massage is the next point in our offer. It is a great form of regeneration for the body, as well as rest and relaxation after a hard day at work. We give you the opportunity to take advantage of several types of massage so that you can find something for yourself. If in doubt, we will be happy to help! Ask our trainer which form of massage will be the most suitable for you, together we will definitely choose the best one.

+ Classical massage

This form of massage is intended to aid healing and relieve pain. Its purpose is to induce a feeling of relaxation and loosening the muscles. This type of massage is used to stimulate blood circulation, thanks to which the tissues are better nourished and the metabolism accelerates. These processes significantly support the body’s regeneration process.

+ Deep tissue massage

It is a highly appreciated and increasingly popular form of massage. The techniques used are supposed to affect the tissues deeper under the skin. This could suggest that the movements are performed with great force. However, it is more about precision and the techniques themselves are performed very slowly. The pressure force is adjusted individually, depending on the level of tissue tension. This form of massage is going to reduce pain and increase the mobility of the joints. It brings great results in chronic pain problems.

+ Relaxation massage

If you need a moment of relaxation, this massage is just for you! Relaxing music and favorite scented candles will create the best conditions for complete rest for your body and mind. Techniques are performed slowly and with adequate pressure allow the entire body to relax. If you feel very tired or had a bad day, try this form of massage.

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