+ Rehabilitation training

If you have back pain or just had an injury, consult us and try EMS training. It is a safe form of exercise that will allow you to get back in shape. Our trainers will guide you through the rehabilitation process by selecting the appropriate training path. The lack of external weight makes your joints safe, and you can enjoy the training without fear. The impulse also reaches the layer of deep muscles, which are responsible, among other things, for stabilizing the spine. Thanks to their work, we maintain an upright body posture, so it is worth focusing on strengthening this part of the muscles during training. Don’t wait, EMS training is just for you!

+ How to get back in shape after an injury?

Injuries can make everyday life difficult. Recovery time is an important process. Muscle strengthening is certainly one of the key elements influencing the quality of functioning after an injury. EMS training is a great form of stimulating muscle fibers to work effectively, and a fully modifiable impulse allows you to regain full strength at your own pace. Our trainers will take care of the entire training process and will choose the best exercises for you and will watch over the technique of their execution, so that you can feel completely safe. You are in good hands with us!

+ How does EMS training reduce back pain?

Do you have a sedentary job and are starting to feel pain or tightness in your back? It is worth thinking about strengthening the back muscles. In EMS training, the impulse also reaches the deep layers of the muscles, which stabilize the spine and help maintain an upright body position. By stimulating the muscle fibers to work effectively, the spine is significantly relieved, and the muscle corset (i.e. also the abdominal muscles) takes over the function of maintaining the correct posture. Find out about the effectiveness of this training form today!

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