+ Physiotherapy

Together with our team, we are ready to help you deal with your ailments in the best way possible. Thanks to the understanding of your needs, we will choose the most optimal method of therapy for you, so that you can see the effects in the shortest time possible. Ask our physiotherapists which treatment strategy will be the right fit for you and find out about the effectiveness of the treatment methods in our offer!

+ Diagnostics

The first meeting with a physiotherapist aims at learning about your health problems and your needs. Thanks to this, we will help you choose the best possible treatment strategy so that you can free yourself from conditions that can make everyday functioning difficult. Effective diagnosis is the key to a properly conducted therapy and significant reduction in the level of pain or even complete elimination of the problem. Our team will do everything to make you feel safe with us and receive the best help!

+ Manual therapy

It is a very helpful method used by physiotherapists in conditions related to the spine and the general movement system. Its task is to improve the mobility of joints and relieve the pain. The method of therapy is very individual, which ensures a high level of safety. The techniques are used mainly in the treatment of problems related to the spine, but also in sciatica, migraines and sleep disorders. If you experience prolonged pain, it is worth trying consulting it with a physiotherapist.

+ Kinesiotaping

Taping with so-called dynamic tapes is a very popular method and is constantly gaining recognition through a range of purposes. The method was developed in Japan and quickly spread around the world. At first, the patches were used mainly among athletes, but their uncomplicated application and high efficiency caused that today they are used not only in problems related to the musculoskeletal system, but also in lymphoedema or in the treatment of hematomas and scars. This method is very effective and no invasive, which is probably why more and more therapists use it!

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