+ Training for seniors

Can people aged 60+ exercise? The answer to that question is – of course! Seniors not only can exercise, but should. Regular physical activity is a great way not only to improve your appearance, but above all your condition and stay fit until an old age. In addition, exercise is great for mood and well-being.

+ Why is it worth taking care of fitness at any age?

It is worth starting to take care of physical fitness from an early age, because regular training helps to develop a habit of exercising. This does not mean, however, that after exceeding a certain age it makes no sense to start your adventure with training. Especially for the elderly, exercise can bring many benefits that cannot be overestimated. First of all, exercise prevents all kinds of ailments, including serious problems such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. In addition, exercise also has a beneficial effect on mental health. During exercise, our body produces endorphins, also known as “happiness hormones”, which improve mood and reduce stress. Training also has a beneficial effect on cognitive functions, and thus reduces the risk of dementia in the elderly. It should also not be forgotten that greater physical fitness is associated with greater independence of the senior. But what about older people who are unable to perform traditional exercises? Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative to gym training, and that is EMS training.

+ How does EMS training keep seniors in shape?

EMS is a training that uses electrical impulses that activate all muscle groups without exception, even those located in the deepest and almost impossible to exercise during traditional training. However, the biggest advantage of EMS training is that it practically does not burden the joints, so EMS exercises are ideal even for obese seniors who have great mobility problems. The effectiveness of EMS training has been confirmed by research. Tests conducted on a group of people aged between 65 and 75 confirmed that exercise with electrostimulation helped reduce the level of body fat and strengthen muscles in all participants, and thus significantly slow down the aging process. What’s more, EMS training is really for everyone, because the exercises can also be performed while sitting! Even people over the age of 90 can safely use this exercise method. The only contraindication to EMS training is a pacemaker.

+ What excercies can be performed with EMS?

During EMS training, mainly exercises recommended by the trainer are performed, such as crunches or squats. The schedule of activities for seniors will certainly also include a set of exercises for the spine. The training plan will also be individually adapted to the needs and capabilities of the elderly. So if you are interested in training for seniors, see our offer. At Studio BodyUp Cracow you will find professional equipment as well as experienced and empathetic trainers who will adjust the training plan to your needs.

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