+ Training in pairs

EMS training in pairs is another possible training option in our studio’s offer. Solo exercises are not for you? Do you need a training partner to give even more and reach your full potential? This training is just for you! For both of you! Take your friend with you and strive together to achieve your individual goals!

+ What are the benefits?

Training in pairs is a dose of double energy, mutual motivation and the best fun. Together, you can strive to achieve results, even though the goal for each of you may be completely different. Our trainers will individually select exercises based on your expectations, and partner motivation will ensure that the results are at your fingertips. A bit of healthy competition and a pleasant atmosphere will become the reason why you will come back to us every week with even greater enthusiasm. Start your adventure with EMS training today and find out about the benefits of time spent together in BodyUp!

+ Who can train together?

Anyone can become your EMS training partner . Regardless of who you choose, mutual support will help you on your way to achieving the best results. Our trainers will adjust the training intensity to you and will take care of the selection of appropriate exercises. There will definitely be a bit of competition, which will be the best motivation for both sides!



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